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RedNeck Vixen

RedNeck Vixen

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Born from a chance encounter between a radio wave and a feisty redhead, Redneck Vixen’s mission in life is to play the songs you’d forgotten you loved and the ones you never knew you needed to hear. From 1984-1989, she worked at WITA (Knoxville) and WYXY (Winter Haven, FL), but stepped away from the mic when the music changed. In 2016, after years spent as a music journalist, she realized that people still yearned for something to fill their ears and bring back a feel of discovery, and she’s been broadcasting ever since.

Vixen’s Vinyl spins you right round, baby, as we traverse the years when records really were records! Taking material from 1972-1990, each song is culled from Vixen’s personal LP collection and could be just about anything that rocks. It’s Generation X-Citement once again!