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The Rock Show

A Photo of KC with Autograph on Desert Rocks Radio
KC with Autograph

“The Rock Show”
with your Host KC

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I moved to Arizona in 1996, Moving from Overland Park Kansas which is a suburb of Kansas City. I am a Big fan of all music and My very first concert was a Willie Nelson concert. I was 7 years old and although I am pretty sure I was high for 3 days because of all the weed that was smoked at Willies concert. It made me a big fan of live music.
My dad  had great taste in music as well, introducing me to such awesome bands and performers such as The Steve Miller Band. Little Feat, Janis Joplin and Pink Floyd. Honestly, I was able to get a great affection for all the great music of the late 60’s and 70’s. There was one band however, that stood above the rest for me. The band that did it for me , was Kiss. The Showmanship, the music, it was bigger than life. I remember having RC Cola cans with the members of Kiss on it when I was a kid.  I’ll never forget the year that my mom and dad bought me all the solo albums made from each member of Kiss. I have been asked before, What was the song that really become your song ? I call back on the day I was sitting in my dad’s truck while he went into the hardware store, being  the great dad he was, he left the stereo on for me. That was the first time I ever heard Runnin with the Devil by Van Halen! While Kiss may have implanted the love for the “Sound” Van Halen sealed it. I was hooked to the Hard Rock sound. I have been and continue to be a big fan of everybody from Deep Purple to Motley Crue. The Scorpions to Five Finger Death Punch. The cars to Chevelle. Disturbed to Dio .
Love going to live shows. Maybe we’ll see you at some